Here we go…

Voila! Here’s my first post as a newbie food blogger. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for some time now and with some coaxing I realized “what the hell?” To say I have a passion for food is an understatement. I’ve been talking about starting a restaurant for ages and while I’d still love to accomplish that dream, blogging is a bit more economical at the moment.

For my first post I think it’s relevant to give you a little background about me.

me and tyler

I love sweets, particularly red velvet cake and Haribo gummy bears, maybe I’ll mix the two in a future recipe?! (Mmmm…the possibilities) I’ve been cooking since childhood and absolutely love it. My favorite thing about cooking is that I can create a meal and share it with others. I love how food brings people together and fills their bellies with happiness. I have recently become addicted to bargain shopping and love finding things “on sale” and purchasing them just for the deal. I work in the Digital Media space and have been for almost 5 years. I love animals, especially my dog Desi and my new kitten Jamilia. I’m currently living in Sydney with my boyfriend Tyler.


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