Salmon, Salmon, Salmon

We cook salmon at least once a week. We bake it, grill it, pan sear it, you name it, we’ve tried it. As I said in a previous post Tyler and I have been keeping a predominantly pescatarian diet, although we’ve been re-introducing chicken back into the mix because we need some variety. But I’m not dissing salmon because it’s one of my favorite foods to eat. Just a little health spiel, it’s loaded with protein and packed with omega 3s – DHA and EPA which make us happy, smart and pain free. This is a great meal post workout because it contains small proteins called bioactive peptides that increase, regulate and stabilize collagen synthesis and improves bone density and strength! Wahoo!

As you can see it’s packed full of health benefits, you can read more about it here. My go to preparation is grilling in my grill pan to medium rare and then popping it into the oven for a few minutes to finish cooking. I usually pair the fish with a quick rocket salad, but if I’m feeling creative a side of quinoa with pine nuts and raisins and a vegetable medley. I’ll share my recipe for all of the above, but my photos are of salmon and salad.

What you’ll need:

  • salmon (2 ounces per person)
  • baby arugula
  • lentils (cooked)
  • red onion
  • 1 lemon
  • 2 tbs olive oil
  • crumbled feta

First, prep the salmon.

I like to just add a little s&p to the fleshy side of the salmon. I heat my grill pan to really high heat and add a little bit of oil, not a long, just enough so nothing sticks. Salmon is an oily fish so you’ll be surprised at how much excretes when cooked. I cook the salmon skin side down for 5-6 minutes until I start seeing the flesh turn opaque. Then I flip it over for another 2-3 minutes. I watch it closely as I want a crunchy top layer but a soft fleshy mid-section. When the whole fish starts becoming opaque, but not quite yet I remove it from the grill pan and add it to a baking sheet. I’ll pop the fish into a preheated oven (350 degrees) for 5-10 minutes depending on the thickness of the filet. I stick a fork into the center and pull it out to test the temp on my lips. You want it to be warm but not hot because the fish will get tough.

Second, prep the salad and dressing.

The salad is easy. A bag of baby arugula. topped with a handful of cooked lentils, sliced red onion and some crumbles of feta cheese. I usually have a bunch of lentils on hand which I just boil in water without salt and stick them in a tupper ware for easy access.

The dressing is pretty simple as well, Juice of one lemon, s&p, and whisk in 2 tablespoons of olive oil until smooth. Taste for seasoning preference. Once combined I just pour over my salad mixture and lightly toss.

What you’ll need for the sides:

  • quinoa (cooked according to directions)
  • orange
  • raisins
  • pine nuts
  • seasonal veggies (my personal favs broccoli, peppers, cauliflower, carrots, and mushrooms)

Like I said, I usually only make these sides when I’m feeling creative because salmon cooks so quickly I generally make it with the salad when I’m crunched for time.

First, cook quinoa.

Follow the directions on the quinoa package and when cooked and still hot add a zest of orange along with a tablespoon of juice, add raisins, and toasted pine nuts (pour pine nuts into non-stick skillet and heat on stove until golden brown, watch these, they burn) season with salt and pepper or add more orange juice for a sweeter taste.

Second, cook the veggies.

My favorite way to cook veggies is in a frying pan. I chop all the veggies into bit size pieces and then cook it with a tablespoon of coconut oil. I don’t like to cook them for too long because I still like a crunchy bite. I season with s&p and finito!

I hope you enjoy this staple weeknight dinner in our house. Bon Appetit!